Safety is our #1 priority for your visit at the Paintball PLEX. We designed our facility to allow for the safest possible play experience. You will find that we have a Staging Area and Play Field. Each area has some very critical rules.

Staging Area:
The staging area is where you prepare for battle. We provide picnic tables so you have a place to spread out and relax before and after games. To make sure everyone has a FUN and SAFE play experience we provide a Staging Area Referee that will help you understand the rules and general game play of paintball. This Referee will help answer any questions you may have and will monitor all players in the staging area to ensure everyone is safe between games. You do not need to have your mask on while in the staging area. YOU DO NEED TO HAVE A BARREL SOCK ON OVER YOUR GUN BARREL . This is our biggest rule while you are in the staging area.

The field is where the battle begins. You will already have your mask on and at this point you should
NEVER TAKE YOUR MASK OFF FOR ANY REASON WHILE ON THE FIELD . This is our biggest safety rule while you are on the field. If you get eliminated during game play, or the game runs out of time, you should go to the "dead box" - and keep your mask on. When the game is over the Referee will allow you to leave the field (exit through the holding pen). Prior to leaving the field you have to put your barrel sock back on your gun. When you get into the staging area you can then take your mask off.

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