Paintball is an exciting recreational game and organized sport played year round, outdoors and indoors.

The most basic recreational indoor game that we play is "Capture the Flag" where the object is to eliminate the other team members and capture the flag before your team members are eliminated. We also play "Defend the Castle" where one team must "survive" for a fixed amount of time (around 5 minutes) while the other team is fighting to penetrate the "castle" and elminate all players inside. In these games a player is eliminated if he or she is hit by a single paintball. Gun and hopper hits do not count.

The tournament sport games are played on a XBALL or Speedball field. All games are played with 5 vs. 5 or 3 vs. 3 player elimination format. The games last anywhere from 1 to 4 minutes and are very fast paced. In this format any hit to your person or your equipment counts as an elimination hit.

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